Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+
Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Wonderful Mink Lashes Like Shayla Lashes for You

With false eyelashes remaining as popular as ever, many brands have flooded the marketplace, making it difficult for even informed buyers to select just which ones will give you the best look for your money. You see all kinds of Internet ads, countless online videos about false lashes, advertising in beauty and department stores, with each brand touting that they are the one you want to have. All you know is you want comfortable lashes that last and look great. To get beautiful eyelashes like brands like Shayla lashes, you want to turn to the high-quality mink eyelashes we offer here at Lavaa Lashes.

Mink Lashes are Luxurious and Affordable

Mink has always been synonymous with luxury, and it is no different when it comes to the false lashes market. Using mink hair adds a softness to the look and feel of your lashes that you cannot get with any of the synthetic brands you find for sale today. We have several lines of mink lashes available at Lavaa Lashes so that you can select lashes that provide the look, density, and size of the lashes you want the most. You will not believe how comfortable these lashes are to wear and how amazing they will make your eyes look!

Shayla Lashes

Lashes That are Easy to Reuse

The lashes that we have that are much like Shayla lashes are also very easy for you to reuse again and again. Each set of lashes is designed to last for up to thirty wears with proper care. If you gently remove your lashes, clean and store them safely and correctly, you will have no trouble using the lashes for any occasion that you want. You can get fabulous looks for any party, reception, event or date you may go on so that you always have the eyes that will capture a room.

Get Beautiful Lashes Today

You can get Lavaa Lashes that are just like Shayla lashes and provide you with the beauty and comfort that mink eyelashes should. Ordering from us is as easy as choosing a product from here on our website, Many orders we take ship the same day so that you get your products as quickly as possible. Check our site for sales and promotions, and take advantage of our free shipping in the U.S. for even more significant savings!

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