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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Turn Every Head with Heartbreaker Lashes

When you are ready to get noticed, you can make a dramatic impact by choosing from our Exclusive 3D Mink lashes. To really stand out, and cause a stir wherever you go, you need a set of our fantastic Heartbreaker lashes. They are there to make sure that you get noticed, and we know that you will fall in love with the way they make your eyes pop, whether you are walking on to a TV set, strolling down the street to your favorite restaurant, or making an entrance onto the dance floor. We also know that others will love the way that they make you look, and the power that they give you over everyone else in the room.

Heartbreaker Lashes

Fabulous design for nighttime glam

We believe that these are the lashes to be worn when you are looking for drama and pizzazz in your life. Made from 100% natural mink hairs, like all our lashes, in the Heartbreaker's case they are heavy density and full, which means that lashes will look thicker and longer than even the heaviest of mascara can manage. We know that people are keen to make a statement with these lashes, which is why they are so popular, but we also believe that buyers snatch them up because they are attractive to look at and wear brilliantly. You can wear these to make a statement, to impress a client, or to sweep your new date off their feet.

Maximum definition for great looks

We think that our Heartbreaker design is ideal for when you are going out at night - even if one of our reviewers claims to wear these to the office all the time - because that is when your glamorous side can really come to the fore. You can match these lashes with a jaw-dropping dress, or even go completely casual. Whatever you want to wear, these lashes will carry the occasion for you, and give you a fresh confidence that you didn't know you had. These lashes are for ladies that like to glamour like other women like to lunch, so get a pair today and hit the nightclubs, because you can bring the rhythm to a standstill when you're wearing these lashes in town. You can even visit our Heartbreaker page, and read reviews from other users to understand how fabulous they really are.

Have a look at all our lashes

We are sure that you've popped a set of Heartbreaker lashes into your shopping cart as you read this, but we want to make sure that you have a pair of fantastic mink lashes for all occasions. Whether you want to highlight your lashes before you walk into a big business meeting, or you want to make sure that everyone at your work is talking about your fabulous lashes, Lavaa Lashes can find a pair to meet your needs. Place your order for all the lashes you want today, and just contact us online now.

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