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Follow Jeffree Star's Style With Lashes Made From Pure Mink

Follow Jeffree Star's Style With Lashes Made From Pure Mink

If you use false eyelashes, then you can add to the effect of your real lashes with mascara, and for followers of Jeffree Star, our lashes will help you to look great. For more information about the best lashes to use with his cosmetics and tutorials, or to place an order with us, you can contact us online now.
Buy Mink Lashes Online

Buy Mink Lashes Online for Added Length and Beauty

If you have started to get back into wearing fake eyelashes, then you may decide that you want to buy mink lashes online to give them a try, and to experience what everybody else is talking about.
Cheap False Eyelashes

Get a Stunning Look with the Best Cheap False Eyelashes

When you walk into that room, you want to be wearing the best cheap false eyelashes available, so that everyone out there knows that you mean serious business.
Lava Lashes to Sponsor The Mario Master Class on April 2019!

Lava Lashes to Sponsor The Mario Master Class on April 2019!

The Mario Master Class by Mario Dedivanovic is a world-renowned makeup tutorial class in which attendees learn the celebrity makeup artist's secrets in person. The event began years ago with only dozens of attendees and has now grown into the thousands. Previous Master Classes with Dedivanovic have featured Kim Kardashian as his model. The Master Class has become a wildly popular makeup tutorial class with events in Sydney, Australia, and London, England, and has been held in previous years in New York City. Lavaa Lashes has been a sponsor since 2017's NYC Master Class. Dedivanovic, an internationally celebrated makeup artist, carefully selects his favorite lines to use as part of his tutorial -- one of which included Lavaa’s signature 3D mink lashes.
Lavaa Lashes List of Influential Women

Lavaa Lashes List of Influential Women

March embarks a historical month in which women are recognized for their remarkable efforts and tribals to accomplish equality. We can proudly affirm that some of Laava Lashes clients are known to be influential women in many aspects. Aside of this, and for the purpose of March being women’s month, here are some powerful women who inspire us.
3D mink lashes

Fierce 3D Mink Lashes Give Everyone a Ferocious Look

There are multiple definitions of the word “fierce.” Each of them can fit our “Fierce” 3D mink lashes. The definitions of “Fierce” are “menacingly wild, savage or hostile.” That fits, as does: “violent in force, intensity, etc.” Perhaps the most appropriate definition of “fierce” for our lashes is: “furiously eager or intense.”

3D Mink Eyelashes

The Benefits of 3D Mink Eyelashes

You can find many companies and thousands of different lashes for sale at department stores, beauty stores, and at shops online, so figuring out which lashes are right for you can take some time. If you are considering false lashes for the first time, you should look at the benefits that 3D mink eyelashes can offer you.
Buy Mink Lashes

Get A Great Quality Fake Eyelashes When You Buy Mink Lashes

If you want to find the best eyelashes for your needs, then you should be looking to buy mink lashes. These high quality lashes are much better than any other style. They can help you to get the perfect look for a special event, a night out, or a big social occasion.

Mink Lashes

Get the Most Out of Your Mink Lashes

If you are going to spend good money to get quality, you want to make sure your lashes hold up well and last. To get the most out of your mink lashes, there are some things you can do to help make sure they stay in good shape and give you quality wear.
Choosing Your False Eyelashes Online

Choosing Your False Eyelashes Online

When it comes to creating the ideal, glamorous look that you want for that special occasion or night out, your eyelashes may be at the center of ho...
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