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Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother's Day With The Gift Of Natural, Stylish Lashes

You want to give your mother a beautiful gift for Mother's Day, and also know that she doesn't want another box of chocolates or some flowers. We would like to suggest that you gift your mother the beauty of our natural mink eyelashes
Mink Lashes

What are Mink lashes? Discover the facts with Lavaa Lashes

If you are considering using fake eyelashes for the first time, and are just learning about the different types, then you may have all kinds of questions. We’ve had so many people ask us over the years: “what are mink lashes” and “how can they help me to look good?”
Shayla Lashes

Wonderful Mink Lashes Like Shayla Lashes for You

You see all kinds of Internet ads, countless online videos about false lashes, advertising in beauty and department stores, with each brand touting that they are the one you want to have. All you know is you want comfortable lashes that last and look great. To get beautiful eyelashes like brands like Shayla lashes, you want to turn to the high-quality mink eyelashes we offer here at Lavaa Lashes.
Look Extra Glamorous with Mink Eyelashes

Look Extra Glamorous with Mink Eyelashes

One of the rising stars of the beauty industry, mink eyelashes have become a firm favorite with trendsetters, and it is now possible to buy them fr...
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