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Reusable Luxury Eyelashes vs Non-Reusable: What’s the Way to Go?

Reusable Luxury Eyelashes vs Non-Reusable: What’s the Way to Go?

Think about it this way. When buying dishes, do you just keep stocking up on paper plates because they are cheaper, or do you invest in durable porcelain plates that are a genuinely reliable asset to your kitchen? Exactly. Lavaa Lashes aims at providing that sort of durable experience to your daily beauty routine and enhancing your lashes of choice with reusable luxury eyelashes.
Bhad Bhabie on How She Keeps Her Lashes On Fleek

Bhad Bhabie on How She Keeps Her Lashes On Fleek

As a successful rapper and YouTuber, Bregoli has established the stage name Bhad Bhabie and earned a loyal fan following across different platforms. When questioned about the amount of makeup she wore, Bhad Bhabie said she does not even use that much makeup, but instead puts in her effort into making sure her eyelashes look good and on fleek.

In a video on her YouTube channel, she states that lashes are key to looking cute and that, given how time- consuming it is to style lashes, using false eyelashes is the way to go.

Follow Jeffree Star's Style With Lashes Made From Pure Mink

Follow Jeffree Star's Style With Lashes Made From Pure Mink

If you use false eyelashes, then you can add to the effect of your real lashes with mascara, and for followers of Jeffree Star, our lashes will help you to look great. For more information about the best lashes to use with his cosmetics and tutorials, or to place an order with us, you can contact us online now.
Find The Lashes That Make You Fabulous

Find The Lashes That Make You Fabulous

We have many different styles of eyelashes online, so you can get the variety that best suits your personality. Lavaa Lashes range of lashes are a perfect choice. To find out more about our services, or to send us a message, simply enter your details into our online form today.
Gina Kirschenheiter

See What Gina Kirschenheiter Will Do Next With Her Lavaa Lashes Styles

If you have been following The Real Housewives of OC, then you will know that Gina Kirschenheiter is a strong and dynamic woman who is not afraid to look great day or night. We think that she looks great, and we know that she appreciates us, thanks to Lavaa Lash Collaboration with Gina Kirschenheiter which produced a fantastic set of classic 3-D Mink eyelashes now available to our customers.
Best False Lashes

Why LavaaLashes Offer you the Best False Lashes Around

Rather than looking for a more durable set of plastic lashes, why don't you go for the latest celebrity craze, and seek out falsies made from real mink hair. A growing number of women believe that these are the best false lashes around, and you will realize why when you try a set today.
Valentine’s Day

Great Romantic Outfits to Wear Even after Valentine’s Day

Romance doesn’t end just because the calendar changes from February 14th to February 15th. In fact, a romantic dinner or getaway can be all the more special because it doesn’t come with the expectations that a Valentine’s Day excursion would.
false lashes online

How to Take Care of Your False Lashes

The best false lashes online will make it so that you have to wear little to no  mascara. This is a preferable option when the end goal is to preserve the end goal of your false lashes. Additionally, adding mascara on occasion shouldn’t be a problem either as long as it’s designed to be worn on false lashes. If mascara is necessary, don’t use oil-based or alcohol-based mascara. Only water-based mascara should do.

Eyelashes Online

Buy Eyelashes Online, Wear Them at your Wedding

You can buy eyelashes online from us that can be worn at essentially any kind of function. Plenty of our customers wear them at formal events, but plenty more wear them at fun events, too. You can wear them at anything in between, too.
Lavaa eyelashes

Lavaa Eyelashes You Can Wear Like a Celebrity

We often say in these blogs that our Lavaa eyelashes can make you look like a celebrity even if you aren’t one. The flip side of that is how our eyelashes make celebrities look even better.  We’re always proud to see one celebrity or another wear our eyelashes to some big event.
Lavaa Lashes

Lavaa Lashes Compare to the Best

While we’re quite proud of our lashes, we at Lavaa Lashes understand that there are other brands of eyelashes out there. Indeed, some of these brands are some of the biggest eyelash brands in the world. However, after an investigation, we found that our eyelashes compare with some of the very best.
Lavaa Lashes

Beauty and Design Just Like Huda Lashes

The eyelashes are always highly popular and sought after. Indeed, they have helped to bring the brand that they wear to the forefront in the beauty world. While the Huda Lashes are beautiful, you can find the high-quality beauty and design just like those lashes in what we offer here at Lavaa Lashes.

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