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Find The Lashes That Make You Fabulous

Find The Lashes That Make You Fabulous

We have many different styles of eyelashes online, so you can get the variety that best suits your personality. Lavaa Lashes range of lashes are a perfect choice. To find out more about our services, or to send us a message, simply enter your details into our online form today.
Best False Lashes

Why LavaaLashes Offer you the Best False Lashes Around

Rather than looking for a more durable set of plastic lashes, why don't you go for the latest celebrity craze, and seek out falsies made from real mink hair. A growing number of women believe that these are the best false lashes around, and you will realize why when you try a set today.
Buy Mink Lashes Online

Buy Mink Lashes Online for Added Length and Beauty

If you have started to get back into wearing fake eyelashes, then you may decide that you want to buy mink lashes online to give them a try, and to experience what everybody else is talking about.
Best Cheap Lashes

Get the Style you Want with the Best Cheap Lashes

We believe that, when it comes to quality, we offer the best cheap lashes around, and not only do we stand out for that, but celebrities also want to wear our fantastic, high quality lashes. You can create just as dramatic an impression with our lashes as some of the biggest celebrities in the media today. We don't just cater to celebrities, and everybody can be a part of our false eyelash revolution.
the 3 besties

Glamorous eyelashes for all occasions with the 3 Besties

If you have decided that you want more than one look from your fake lashes, then you may want to try out the 3 Besties range from Lavaa Lashes. In this little box, you get three extremely popular options from our Exclusive 3D Mink lashes choices. These are bestselling false lashes, and stand you in good stead whenever you need to ramp up the glam.
Stars like Bhad Bhabie love Lavaa Lashes

Stars like Bhad Bhabie love Lavaa Lashes

An international superstar at the tender age of 16, Bhad Bhabie has conquered the social media world already, knowing that what you have to do is look good and grab all the attention for yourself. Not only has she proved that she can bring in more than 10 million viewers when her SnapChat show appeared online, but he is also at the forefront of fashion, including her favorite choice of mink eyelashes: the Lavaa Lashes brand.
Cheap False Eyelashes

Get a Stunning Look with the Best Cheap False Eyelashes

When you walk into that room, you want to be wearing the best cheap false eyelashes available, so that everyone out there knows that you mean serious business.
Mink Lashes

What are Mink lashes? Discover the facts with Lavaa Lashes

If you are considering using fake eyelashes for the first time, and are just learning about the different types, then you may have all kinds of questions. We’ve had so many people ask us over the years: “what are mink lashes” and “how can they help me to look good?”
Valentine’s Day

Great Romantic Outfits to Wear Even after Valentine’s Day

Romance doesn’t end just because the calendar changes from February 14th to February 15th. In fact, a romantic dinner or getaway can be all the more special because it doesn’t come with the expectations that a Valentine’s Day excursion would.
3D mink lashes

Fierce 3D Mink Lashes Give Everyone a Ferocious Look

There are multiple definitions of the word “fierce.” Each of them can fit our “Fierce” 3D mink lashes. The definitions of “Fierce” are “menacingly wild, savage or hostile.” That fits, as does: “violent in force, intensity, etc.” Perhaps the most appropriate definition of “fierce” for our lashes is: “furiously eager or intense.”

Lavaa Lashes

Lavaa Lashes Compare to the Best

While we’re quite proud of our lashes, we at Lavaa Lashes understand that there are other brands of eyelashes out there. Indeed, some of these brands are some of the biggest eyelash brands in the world. However, after an investigation, we found that our eyelashes compare with some of the very best.
3D Mink Eyelashes

The Benefits of 3D Mink Eyelashes

You can find many companies and thousands of different lashes for sale at department stores, beauty stores, and at shops online, so figuring out which lashes are right for you can take some time. If you are considering false lashes for the first time, you should look at the benefits that 3D mink eyelashes can offer you.
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