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Stars like Bhad Bhabie love Lavaa Lashes

An international superstar at the tender age of 16, Bhad Bhabie has conquered the social media world already, knowing that what you have to do is look good and grab all the attention for yourself. Determined to make the most of the opportunities that she has been given, this young woman is promoting herself and starring in social media shows at an age when most of us were still struggling with math homework and school lockers. Not only has she proved that she can bring in more than 10 million viewers when her SnapChat show appeared online, but he is also at the forefront of fashion, including her favorite choice of mink eyelashes: the Lavaa Lashes brand.

Bhad Bhabie love Lavaa Lashes

Everybody loves Lavaa

This young woman is not the only one who is pleased to be able to wear our magnificent range of eyelashes whenever they go out. Cardi B has been shown to wear our lashes, and we took great delight in seeing her in videos showing off our beautiful fake lashes. We love to see famous and influential women wearing our eyelashes because they look great and they have a big impact on those around them. We know that she particularly likes our "Mischief" lashes, which are from thick mink hairs which are darker than usual. This can add drama to your look as well as provide definition to your eyes, and with the stunning outfits that Cardi B ways, we know that you will want to copy this look on your next night out.

Other stars using our look

There are other stars using our fantastic range of fake eyelashes. We know that Mercedes Javid, the Bravo TV star, loves to use "Elegant" lashes, and when she wore them to a chat show, they practically stole the show. We were delighted with the way that they made her eyes pop, creating a fantastic striking look with its clear-band design and criss-cross pattern. If you want to find eyelashes that can make your eyes the center of attention, then you need to spend some more time viewing our range of shocking mink eyelashes. Take the time to stand out from the crowd, and try our fake lashes next time you have a special event and night.

Buy with us today

You don't have to be a star like Bhad Bhabie to wear our fantastic lashes, but you will be at the head of a growing trend of women from all walks of life discovering that Lavaa Lashes can make a stunning difference to your outfit and make-up. When fake eyelashes are in hot demand, we have a choice for every type of woman, from busy business woman to party girl. View our tremendous range of different eyelashes today, and find a style that really speaks to you. When you wear Lavaa Lashes, you can expect to stir up a storm and attract interest from anybody in the room, so start looking for the perfect set by contacting us through our online messaging form right now.

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