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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

See What Gina Kirschenheiter Will Do Next With Her Lavaa Lashes Styles

If you have been following the Real Housewives series, then you will know that Gina Kirschenheiter is a strong and dynamic woman who is not afraid to look great day or night. We think that her false eyelashes give her the courage to be who she really is. We think that she looks great, and we know that she appreciates us, thanks to Lavaa Lash Collaboration with Gina Kirschenheiter which produced a fantastic set of classic 3-D Mink eyelashes now available to our customers.

Looking Good On The Screen

If there is one thing that Gina knows all about, it is how to look glam in front of the camera. She is a fantastic representative of everything that makes false eyelashes great. From adding style to her natural lashes to making our eyes pop on screen, her false eyelashes work well with her screen personality and add a great deal to her look. If you have been watching her on The Real Housewives of Orange County, then you will have quickly realized that she uses your favorite eyelashes from Lavaa, and now you can an exclusive 3-D collection. She has chosen a number of lashes that suit her moods, and believe that these lashes will make a difference to the appearance of everybody who tries them out. If you want to match her look, then these false mink eyelashes are the first step towards that.

Gina Kirschenheiter

Join The Demand For Lavaa Lashes

Now that famous names have shown us on TV, it should be no surprise if we have become even more popular with fans of our eyelashes. Lavaa Lashes offers a great range of options that are popular not just with The Real Housewives, but also with celebrities like Cardi B. Menu of them will be keen to get their hands on the latest 3D exclusive, the Gina Selection. This is Gina K's choice of favorite eyelashes, including the natural wispy look of Sweetheart, to the dramatic, thick Heartbreaker, and our amazing Angelic, with its thickened lashes that give you a glam look at any hour of the day or night. Whatever style you are looking for, with this collaboration we have fantastic choices available for you.

Get The Real Housewives Look

If you want to copy the styles and shapes that you have seen on Real Housewives, then you should be keen to snap up the Lavaa Lash Collaboration with Gina Kirschenheiter, Gina Selection. You can find it under our exclusive 3D Mink collection, along with the rest of our fabulous collections, or you can buy singles of the choices that you have made, including Sweetheart, Heartbreaker or Angelic lashes.

To find the perfect pair of eyelashes for your next look, talk to us today about your choices. You can visit our shop, view the eyelashes you want today, and then send us a message online if you have any further questions.

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