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Reusable Luxury Eyelashes vs Non-Reusable: What’s the Way to Go?

It’s hard to beat the ease and convenience of eyelash extensions, particularly when it comes to getting an attractive yet natural look in a reasonably short time. While yes, it would be great to be able to go get “permanent” at a  salon every so often, most of us won’t necessarily have the time or means to do so regularly. That is why we opt instead for those eyelash extensions that we can purchase and apply ourselves. That way we enjoy the convenience of fake eyelashes without the hassle and extra cost of getting these done. But when the time comes to choose between single-use false eyelashes you can get at the drug store and reusable luxury eyelashes from more sophisticated manufactures, what will you go for?

No-Reusable or Reusable Eyelashes?

When it comes to the cost, you might think the decision is a no-brainer. The cheap false eyelashes you can get at Rite-Aid or CVS are definitely cheaper than those you can get at name-brand stores or online sellers, right? Well, yes, it might appear to be so at first sight, but you have to remember that these eyelashes are single-use. That means that you are only able to wear each extension for a few hours  and that you will have to remove them (and throw them away) if you need to shower, swim, or sleep. While great for maybe a special evening you have planned or a particular event, the cheaper single-use lashes you got will not prove as cost-effective if you are planning on wearing them consistently for a period of time. If you want something that, in the long run, will be better for your pocket, we recommend getting reusable luxury lashes. 

Reusable Luxury Eyelashes vs Non-Reusable

The Benefits of Luxury Eyelashes

When you purchase reliable and durable luxury eyelashes, you are paying for quality and convenience in the longer term. These are designed and manufactured to resists multiple uses. When properly cared for, these can last for up to thirty wears. At an average price of $5 per pair of single-use lashes, versus $30 per pair of luxury ones, you are getting about five times your money’s worth by buying reusable lashes. Not only will these last longer and serve you properly for extended periods of time (depending on how often you use them), but they will also have a higher quality than cheaper ones would. They aren’t just more durable, they also look and feel better. You will notice the difference immediately.

Invest in a Better Look for Your Lashes

Think about it this way. When buying dishes, do you just keep stocking up on paper plates because they are cheaper, or do you invest in durable porcelain plates that are a genuinely reliable asset to your kitchen? Exactly. Lavaa Lashes aims at providing that sort of durable experience to your daily beauty routine and enhancing your lashes of choice with reusable luxury eyelashes. Gone are the days of having to go get new ones every other day or throwing them out after every use. You can find a consistent and reliable product that is actually worth the money you put into this in Lavaa Lashes’ luxury lashes.

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