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Real Housewives "Gina Kirschenheiter" Glammed in the Best False Lashes

The camera can’t tell a lie, especially when it comes to interviews in reality television. So, pray tell, why are the Real Housewives opting for Lavaa Lashes as their choice of fake eyelashes? Is it the intricate details, or the high quality of the product? Or is it simply because Lavaa has some of the best false lashes on the market? Fake lashes help to make eyes pop on camera. There doesn’t always have to be a celebration in order to get glammed up. These fierce females of television prove false lashes are always a great idea. False lashes can take a good look and make it fabulous.

The Best False Lashes for TV

False lashes make for a great look on screen. From far away, the finer details can’t be seen, but with a boost from the best false lashes, an on screen look can become memorable. There’s nothing better than having a look that pops on camera, and the Real Housewives, Gina Kirschenheiter have caught on to the fact Lavaa offers a variety of lashes which work for their look. From our Exclusive 3D Mink Collection, the Housewive celeb was glammed using Angelic.Get the full makeup look here. Fake eyelashes are becoming an integral aspect of cosmetics in the industry, all for a great reason. The lashes really make a difference in an appearance, and everyone is all for that pop. No matter the setting or background, the makeup of the Real Housewives always turns heads.

Lashes are Becoming a Classic  

From television, to award shows, photo shoots and just regular days. Lavaa offers some of the best false lashes for all occasions. The Real Housewives are wearing them, Cardi B has been spotted with them on, and a multitude of other celebrities are utilizing their perks. These lashes complete a look, driving it to its highest potential. When you want to make sure you are looking your best and most glamourous, pick a style from Lavaa Lashes to make that happen. It’s no secret as to why our favorite reality stars are looking amazing on screen, they have the best false lashes to thank.

Find Your Best Fit from Lavaa Lashes.

Lavaa Lashes offers all the popular styles, from the mink lashes, to the heartbreaker, 3D lash, huda lashes and many others. You will never go disappointed from using these quality red carpet ready styles. False lashes are fun, exciting, and brings on the right kind of dramatic to a look.For inquiries and comments, you may email or complete the contact form. A representative may respond as fast as they can.  

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