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Mink Lashes Protect Your Natural Lashes While Enhancing Your Look

If you keep yourself informed about the world of beauty and makeup, you might know about the buzz around strip mink lashes as opposed to synthetic materials and eyelash extensions. Many people are opting for these strips, not only because of their lower cost and their do-it-yourself approach, but also because of how much better they are for your natural eyelashes. Here are a few of the reasons behind this collective change of mind.

Lighter Weight

If you have previously used eyelash extensions made out of other materials, particularly some synthetic ones, you know that they tend to be a little on the heavy side, at least when compared to mink lashes. Mink is a material of choice when making lashes because of how light mink hair is. This allows for more hairs to be placed among the false lash, giving them a fuller look without sacrificing lightness. Why is weight such a concern? Your natural lashes are very delicate, and added weight on them can result in damage to them. Not to mention that added weight means more glue, which means there is more of a chance of these substances harming your skin or your lashes.

mink lashes

Soft Natural Hair

Mink lashes are made out of genuine mink hair, which is very soft in and of itself, hence its common use in coats and accessories. The softness of the material complements your natural lashes. After all, these will be intermingled, so you don’t want harsh synthetic hair to be constantly at odds with your delicate lashes. The fact that it’s natural mink hair too allows the two types of hair to coexists in your lashes in a soft, gentle way. This way, you can avoid the wear that can usually come from using false lashes. The soft natural feel of mink lashes can help you preserve your own eyelashes while still enhancing their look.

Subtle and Realistic Look

The most attractive quality of mink lashes is that they look full and lush while still looking natural, which allows you to style them in such a way that looks subtle enough for people not to notice you are wearing false lashes, or in a more dramatic way if that is what you are going for. More important than anything, they look realistic because the hair is not synthetic. The texture and feel of the lashes look authentic because they are. People can’t tell the difference between real and faux hair, even if you don’t necessarily think so. That helps if that is the look you are going for, but a natural look is hard to attain if you aren’t using the real thing.

Mink Lashes Online

If what you are looking for are the best available false mink lashes that come with the necessary convenience for you to use apply and take care of them yourself. Our durable mink lashes have up to thirty wears, which allows you to reuse them on several occasions. These are the best lashes alternatives out there if you want to look wonderful while also taking care of your own eyelashes. If that sounds like something you’d like, browse through our website and find your ideal pair today.

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