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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Lavaa Lashes Offers the Volume and Depth Just Like Mykonos Lashes

We’ve all seen our favorite celebrities in pictures on the Internet, in our favorite magazines, or walking on the red carpet. The women are always dressed to perfection, but it’s often their makeup that we look at the most. We would love to have that glamorous, sexy look that they achieve, particularly when it comes to their eyelashes. You may only dream of having those full lashes like some of the stars you see, but you are never quite sure what brand to get of lashes. While you love the volume and depth that the well-known Mykonos lashes provide, there is a high-quality alternative available that Lavaa Lashes offers.

The Sexy, Smoldering Look

These lashes are well-known and well-advertised for providing the sexy look that you see on stars like the Kardashians, Christina Aguilera, and others. They provide the greater volume for eyelashes so that your lashes will look fuller, be more attractive, and draw the attention of everyone. While you want to have the ability to have your eyes “pop” as they do for these famous people, you are reluctant to place an order because you wonder if there is something equivalent or better out there that can do the job for you.

Lavaa Lashes offers


We Have the Alternative

If you’re looking for lashes that can give you the volume that you get from Mykonos lashes, you’ll want to explore what Lavaa Lashes offers. We have several false eyelash options that can be perfect for you, from our Sexy set that provides the classic look and volume, to our Mischief lashes, which give you a heavier wing and fuller look. We have many choices you can select from, and that use real mink hair to provide you with the silky, luscious look and feel that you want to have. Best of all our lashes are very reasonably priced and can be used for up to 30 wears, so you get great use from your investment.

Find the Lashes You Love

To see some great options to the Mykonos lashes at fantastic pricing, just take a look through our website to view our complete line of false lashes. You can choose the lashes you want and order safely and securely online, so you’ll have the lashes you want to give you the starlet look you desire. For more information, contact us at
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