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Lavaa Lashes Compare to the Best

While we’re quite proud of our lashes, we at Lavaa Lashes understand that there are other brands of eyelashes out there. Indeed, some of these brands are some of the biggest eyelash brands in the world. However, after an investigation, we found that our eyelashes compare with some of the very best. In this blog, we’ll go over how some of our styles of eyelashes compare to some of the most famous styles and brands of eyelashes you’ll find online. Then, we’ll cover some of what makes our eyelashes special in their own right.

Lavaa Lashes Seduce with One Glance

We have “seduce with one glance” in the middle of our website because that’s what we believe our eyelashes can do. We’ve specifically made our eyelashes to fit any style or look that you might be going for. We understand that not everyone is exactly sure what the right eyelashes might be for their needs. So, we made it easy: our eyelashes were given their name for a reason. “Flirty” eyelashes are just that: flirty. They give you a flirtatious air, making you feel sexy and confident in a playful way. The same goes for our other eyelashes like “Heartbreaker,” “Troublemaker” and many others. There’s an eyelash to fit your style, look, location and more.

Lavaa Lashes

Mykonos and Heartbreaker

Lilly Lashes name many of their eyelashes after certain locations around the world. “Mykonos” 3D mink lashes from their site are very similar to our “Heartbreaker” lashes. They’re a great fit in terms of style. After all, when you ask people what they think of first when they hear the name “Mykonos,” usually it’s something like “hot summer party.” That’s an occasion that our Heartbreaker eyelashes absolutely fit. By that same token, these lashes are similarly full and glamorous. They give off that same sense of “glam,” with plenty of dense mink hairs that make them incredibly desirable. In fact, Heartbreaker might even be a bit sturdier as they last for up to 30 wears.

Miami Flirty/Flirty Miami

“Miami” is a style of lash from Lilly Lashes that requires no explanation as to what kind of style they have. That being said, our Flirty style lashes compare very favorably to them. There are many different reasons that these are among our most sought after lashes. We have many eyelashes that are thought of as “must have,” but these eyelashes truly fit the bill. Like the Miami lashes, they combine a mix of long and short mink hairs. That means that these lashes have a style that’s unique and ultra-wispy. Also similar to the Miami lashes, they work for pretty much anybody, because they suit any and all shapes of eyes.

Troublemaker and Doha

Doha is the capital of Qatar, a place that personifies opulence, wealth, elegance and more. The lashes, from Lilly Lashes, truly live up to that namesake. These lashes are also very similar to our Troublemaker eyelashes. For one thing while these Doha eyelashes were worn by Kim Kardashian at the MTV Awards, our eyelashes have been worn by plenty of celebrities as well. Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy our eyelashes. Plenty of people from all walks of life wear these eyelashes because they give such a natural look.

The Troublemaker lashes blend organically with your natural lashes, just as the Doha ones do. The added criss-cross pattern has a lot to do with that. Another factor which helps the Troublemaker eyelashes, similar to the Doha ones, is that their length increases from the inner corner to the outer one. Many of our eyelashes compare favorably to the more famous kinds of eyelashes that you might hear about online.

Of course, it’s not like Lilly Lashes is the only place that has similar eyelashes to our own. “House of Lashes” is another site that’s renowned for offering some of the best eyelashes around. Their “Iconic” brand is exactly that: a lash that, in their own words, is all about “lending your soulful eyes the boldness of history’s most celebrated beauties and trendsetters.” Our Jolie eyelashes are very similar to those. That includes the name, as well: Angelina Jolie certainly lives up to history’s most celebrated beauties.

Jolie lashes (as well as Iconic ones) are made with the striking V-shape clusters. While the length of the lashes increases from the inner corner to the outer one, there’s nothing gradual about the “Wow” factor. You’ll see it from the moment you put these lashes on. These are just a few of the eyelashes we offer that compare quite well to some eyelashes from other places you might’ve heard of. In future blogs, we’ll point out some other eyelashes that are like our own. In the meantime, you can find all of our great eyelashes right here.

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