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Lavaa Eyelashes You Can Wear Like a Celebrity

We often say in these blogs that our Lavaa eyelashes can make you look like a celebrity even if you aren’t one. The flip side of that is how our eyelashes make celebrities look even better.  We’re always proud to see one celebrity or another wear our eyelashes to some big event. It’s important to keep in mind though: we’re just as grateful that a star wore our lashes as anyone who’s not a celebrity wore them out on their big date or night out. In this blog, we’ll go over a recent occasion that our lashes were worn and how they can help you to look your best.

Lisa Vanderpump in our Theron Lavaa Eyelashes

On November 15th, Lisa Vanderpump wore our Theron lashes for the Vanderpump Dogs Gala and she absolutely rocked them. The lashes are striking and bold, which absolutely fits Lisa Vanderpump. That being said, this is one style of our lashes that absolutely everyone can wear. You certainly don’t have to have your own reality show and/or chain of restaurants. These lashes suit any and all eye shapes and bring character to basically any single style you could have. They work especially well for Lisa Vanderpump, but they can be just as great for you, too.

Lavaa eyelashes

Eyelashes for All Walks of Life

We truly make our eyelashes to fit every kind of person from “all walks of life.” When we see people like Lisa Vanderpump wear our eyelashes, it reminds us of that. After all, she’s done so many different kinds of things in her life. Many of us know her best for her reality show; however she’s done much more. She was in TV and movies throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as plenty of music videos. In addition to being one of the original cast members of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she’s also designed more than twenty bars and restaurants, many of which she co-owns with her husband.

Eyelashes for Formal Events

It’s a point of pride to us that Lisa Vanderpump wore our lashes to an event where there were going to be lots of cameras and people looking at her. The Vanderpump Dog Foundation Fundraising Gala is a truly fabulous event. This is one of those Hollywood events that the stars truly come out for. The pictures from the red carpet are all over the internet. The event included music, dancing, speakers, mingling and a live auction – so, you can wear these lashes absolutely anywhere in any context. You can go out dancing, you can mingle at a formal event with powerbrokers, you can walk the red carpet (or any other kind of carpet) looking your absolute best in these lashes.

Celebrities Everywhere

As you may have noticed, lashes named “Theron” are named after another celebrity. Charlize Theron has been a style icon for many years. Since she first appeared on the scene in films like “2 Days in the Valley,” she’s had a unique style all her own. It’s not easy to capture all of what a movie star is in one set of eyelashes. However, we believe we manage to bring a bit of what Charlize Theron brings to the screen into each of these eyelashes. When you wear these eyelashes, you’re a star, too – no matter where you are.

Of course, it’s very important to us that you don’t need to have a reality show, chain of restaurants or Academy Award nomination to afford our eyelashes. Indeed, the Theron lashes are only $19.99. That’s not just for one use, either. These lashes can be worn for ten to fifteen wears. That means you can wear them to a lot of different kinds of events. Dancing one night, formal gathering the next, and then a big date the time after that – you can have these lashes for a while. These lashes are vegan, too. So, you can wear these beauty items without ever worrying about doing any harm to the environment. You can look great while supporting the environment with green products like these.

We’ve spoken at length about the Theron lashes in this blog, but keep in mind that we have many more kinds of lashes than these. Those aren’t even the only kinds of lashes we have named after celebrities. Bellucci, Lima, Jolie, Shayk and Zeta – you can take a bit of celebrity style anywhere you go. Sometimes, there are deals on our lashes, so you’re going to want to check into our site often. For more information about our lashes, you can check out our complete catalog right here. There, you’ll find the lashes we have in all of their different styles. Don’t forget our extensive lists of eyelashes accessories, too. They can take your step to another level.

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