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Lavaa Beauty: Giving the Gift of Holiday Glam

Lavaa Beauty: Giving the Gift of Holiday Glam 

A holiday party can be more than a party. Sure, they’re an opportunity to have a drink with people that you might only see in a professional capacity for the rest of the year. But, they’re also an opportunity to look your very best. No matter what the holiday party or gathering is, we have Lavaa beauty options to give you the lashes that are always in season. It may be cold outside, but your lashes can be scaldingly hot. 

Lash Collections 

We have lashes for everyone’s styles. What looks best on you might not be the right choice for someone else, and vice versa. That’s one of the reasons that we offer our lash collections. That way, you can find a 3D mink lash, or an invisible one, or something from our famous faux collection that fits your look. With these, your lashes can be mesmerizing whether you’re in your slinkiest black dress at the party of the year, or you’re having a romantic night at home in your “ugly” Christmas sweater. There’s a lash for every personality, and every situation that that personality could find themselves in. 

Lavaa Beauty


Lavaa Beauty Gift Ideas 

Our lashes work as gifts in multiple ways. If you know your bestie and their style, then you can give them the kind of gift that can change the way they look for a long time to come. Our lashes make for excellent gifts for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is their longevity. These lashes don’t just last for one wear or anything like that. So many of our lashes look incredible for double digits of wears. So, when you give someone these lashes, it’s not like you’re just giving them lashes that bring the glam for an evening: they can be glam deep into 2020. 

Lavaa Lashes for Yourself 

As mentioned, our lashes make for excellent holiday gifts. However, they also make for an excellent holiday gift to give yourself. After all, you deserve to look glam. You deserve lashes that stand out in any room, whether it’s early in the morning, late at night, or anywhere in between. With 2020 approaching, so many of us make Resolutions to take it up a level in the New Year, to look even better. Getting the right lashes for your look can give you a great head start on having a sexier 2020 and beyond. 

The Gift of Better Lashes 

Bellucci. Jolie. Theron. We didn’t randomly assign these lashes these names. Those were the only appropriate names, the ones that fit the style. Chic, Badass, Angelic, Heartbreaker: at different times, you’re each of those things. You (or someone you care about) deserve lashes that reflect that. Of course, when we say that “these lashes can be gifts,” we don’t just mean for the people that you physically, literally give them to. Just seeing someone enter a room with incredible lashes and light it up can be quite a gift unto itself. You can find all of our collections and more at our site.

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