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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Lava Lashes to Sponsor The Mario Master Class on April 2019!

The Mario Master Class by Mario Dedivanovic is a world-renowned makeup tutorial class in which attendees learn the celebrity makeup artist's secrets in person. The event began years ago with only dozens of attendees and has now grown into the thousands. Previous Master Classes with Dedivanovic have featured Kim Kardashian as his model. The Master Class has become a wildly popular makeup tutorial class with events in Sydney, Australia, and London, England, and has been held in previous years in New York City. Lavaa Lashes has been a sponsor since 2017's NYC Master Class. Dedivanovic, an internationally celebrated makeup artist, carefully selects his favorite lines to use as part of his tutorial -- one of which included Lavaa’s signature 3D mink lashes.

The last recent Los Angeles Master Class was held February 20, 2019, which began with Kardashian West to demonstrate her famous brow technique, after which Dedivanovic took over with Kardashian West to demonstrate and discuss their most useful beauty and makeup tips and tricks. Laava Lashes will gladly be sponsoring the next Master Class in London on April 13th, 2019.

Lavaa Lashes

Mario Dedivanovic has become an influential makeup artist in the beauty industry. After 18 years of hard work and dedication, he has been recognized for his ability to create a flawless face and perfection. Over time, Dedivanovic has connected with other influential people that has allowed his fame to skyrocket. Mario has taken major big steps that have escalated him into worldwide business opportunities. The worldwide Master Classes that he began are to promote beauty tips and secrets.

During his Master Class venture, sponsors have teamed up to collaborate and help him grow in the industry. Attendees look forward to Marios iconic gift bags of makeup because it’s all worth more than $800! Mario doesn’t just allow any item to be gifted, as he is very selective when he selects his sponsors considering his high profile. So it’s a privilege for Lavaa Lashes to support a fast growing business in the beauty industry. Mario’s work has been flourishing in all positive directions and has been working with the world's top creative business entrepreneurs.

Lavaa Lashes is ready to be part of a top-notch exponential journey with the most highly followed and influential celebrity makeup artists in the world. Mario Dedivanovic celebrity clientele includes Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Gabrielle Union, Ciara, Eva Longoria, Ariana Grande, and many others! Lavaa Lashes will be making it’s way onto many glamorous faces.

Lavaa Lashes has been selling directly to customers throughout the world via its e-commerce store and at notable beauty stores in the U.S. To be part of the Master Class in the UK, purchase tickets at
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