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How to Take Care of Your False Lashes

The importance of taking care of your false lashes is one of those topics that can never be overstated. Not only does proper maintenance help them look flawless, but it’s also an integral step in ensuring your false lashes last longer and stay full.

In this process, you can cut your makeup time by nearly half. There’s no need to curl up your lashes or use mascara on them anymore. Just a bit of care and you’re good to go for the day. Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

Wear little to no mascara

The best false lashes online will make it so that you have to wear little to no mascara. This is a preferable option when the end goal is to preserve the end goal of your false lashes.

Additionally, adding mascara on occasion shouldn’t be a problem either as long as it’s designed to be worn on false lashes. If mascara is necessary, don’t use oil-based or alcohol-based mascara. Only water-based mascara should do.

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Finally, when using said mascara, be sure to use one coat at most and only apply it to the tips of the lashes.

Invest in high-quality adhesive

Invest in a high-quality lash adhesive that’s both comfortable to wear and will endure long periods of reuse. However, don’t use too much of the stuff as getting rid of multiple layers of glue is a complicated and tedious process.

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