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Have the Best Eyelashes With Lavaa Lashes

There are too many options on the shelves for cosmetics and many may only have one specific use. When looking through all of our options we can see the how some can be more useful than others. These different brands unfortunately are not cure-alls for cosmetic needs, and oftentimes not every brand is right for someone’s complexion, skin tone or look. A main question we asking when looking through these many products is, “What are the best eyelashes I can buy?” False eyelashes are not always easy to choose, especially when there are too many brands to choose from. However, some of the best eyelashes available are the mink eyelashes by Lavaa Lashes. If the mink style doesn’t work for you, then the heartbreaker certainly will.

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Give Your Eyelashes Some Variation of Volume

The mink eyelashes are meant to add a dramatic effect, while the heartbreaker lashes give your eyes more volume than the world can handle. The best eyelashes will make your eyes pop and everyone around you have a double take. We are loving both the mink and the heartbreaker styles right now because they both give a dramatic effect, but in different ways. While the mink has different levels of volume across the top of the lash, the heartbreaker maintains a think volume across the entire lash. While both of these styles deliver similar effects, the variations in volume are fun to play with when it comes to switching up a look.

Why Use Fake Lashes?

False eyelashes are great for many reasons. Many TV personalities use false lashes while filming because it helps their eyes to stand out better on camera. On top of that, the fake eyelashes can be powerful on camera as it draws attention to the eyes. We’ve gone from cat yes, to smokey eyes, to fake eyelashes, which is a great thing. The best eyelashes can be used multiple times and are safe to apply to your eyes. Which saves you some time on makeup, because Lavaa Lashes are amazing enough to even be worn alone.

Contact Lavaa Lashes for the Best Eyelashes and Makeup Tips

Need more from Lavaa Lashes? Send us an email through or complete our contact form and we will respond to you as quickly as possible. Some of our favorites right now are the mink eyelashes and the heartbreaker lashes. For tips and tricks on looks and applications be sure to visit our site and try out all the different styles we offer.
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