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Glamorous eyelashes for all occasions with the 3 Besties

Everyone has that they prepare of fake eyelashes that they wear to every event. You might have bought hundreds of packets over the years, but you also may have doubts that that single pair of eyelashes is everything that you need. If you have decided that you want more than one look from your fake lashes, then you may want to try out the 3 Besties range from Lavaa Lashes. In this little box, you get three extremely popular options from our Exclusive 3D Mink lashes choices. These are bestselling false lashes, and stand you in good stead whenever you need to ramp up the glam.

The Flirty

This is the most requested of our fake eyelashes, and is considered to be a must for any fan of Lavaa Lashes. The eyelash itself is ultra wispy, designed to flatter each eye shape and make your eyes stand out. We use a variety of both long and short hairs from the mink to create this look, and it adds a natural texture to the final look of your eyelashes. You can find out more about what these lashes have to offer when you buy our set.

heartbreaker lashes

The Heartbreaker

Another extremely popular choice from our Exclusive range, Heartbreaker is a very full and glamorous lash, made from heavy mink hairs and fitted into V-shape designs that add additional grammar and style for the web. If you are looking for something particularly eye-catching and demanding, then this is certainly the eyelash for you. You can be certain to catch attention when you wear these lashes.

The Troublemaker

One of our favorites, this is a much lighter lash than the others, but it gives you powerful, fuller lashes that can blend in easily with your own natural eyelashes. Made from 100 percent natural mink, and graded to slowly get bigger towards the outer edge of the eyelash, this is one of our more natural looking lashes that buyers love. You are recommended to snap up a pair of these to keep your makeup kit for glamour emergencies!

Buy all of these lashes at once

We realize how popular all of the above-described eyelashes are, and that is why we have bought back the constantly demanded 3 Besties range. Because, just like your friends, these are the eyelashes that you can count on in an emergency. They are always there, ready for action, and they can make sure that you always look your best. In fact, this is why we call them the Besties - not simply because they are the best in our range by popular demand, and also because they are there to complement each other. Sometimes you want to go big and heavy, like the Heartbreaker, and sometimes you want to go discreet and natural, like the Troublemaker. Our lashes are here to make you look better, so don't miss out on the chance to order three of our Exclusive lashes range at once. Simply contact us online now to get your trio a fake lashes.

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