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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Get the Style you Want with the Best Cheap Lashes

When you walk into a room, you want to make sure that everyone there takes notice of you. You might put on a lot of dynamic eye makeup to highlight your eyes, but if you really want to create a stir and have everybody talking, then you want the fantastic quality of Lavaa Lashes and our range of mink false eyelashes. We believe that, when it comes to quality, we offer the best cheap lashes around, and not only do we stand out for that, but celebrities also want to wear our fantastic, high quality lashes. You can create just as dramatic an impression with our lashes as some of the biggest celebrities in the media today. We don't just cater to celebrities, and everybody can be a part of our false eyelash revolution.

Big eyelashes are back

In the early years of the 20th century, most women wanted false eyelashes that complemented their own lashes, and worked with them to create a sense of fullness and length. These eyelashes were made in a much more naturalistic style than the latest eyelash designs, and it has been a big change from completely natural to totally over the top. Many modern women like this change, as it allows them to focus attention upon their eyes, and can be a very powerful way of bringing attention to the face. Stars from all over the media, from TV personalities to reality shows and music have chosen to use heavy eyelashes to make a beauty statement.

Best Cheap Lashes

Go for style and drama

When you are buying false eyelashes, you don't want to stint on their power to turn heads. You might still want to have glamorous eyeshadow that works with the color of your eyes, but a pair of high quality, fashionable eyelashes are the ideal tool to help you create that buzz. If you are looking for drama and high fashion, then our eyelashes are the ones to beat. Made from completely natural real mink, our eyelashes are carefully designed to highlight the natural curve of your eyes, and create drama and power. Cause a stir in your own community with these powerful lashes.

Quality without the price

We wanted to make sure that our clients were able to buy high quality lashes at an affordable price, which is why here at Lavaa Lashes we are able to bring you the best cheap lashes available. You can choose from a wide range of different lifestyles, from big and dramatic to as close to natural as fashion allows. You can buy sets of our lashes to make sure that you always have the perfect pair when you are getting ready for a night out, and you can also find great looking lashes that will add drama to any outfit. We want you to feel confident and happy when you wear our eyelashes anywhere, so start working with us today by contacting us online to place an order and asking questions.

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