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Get The Glam Look With Sweetheart Lashes

Get The Glam Look With Sweetheart Lashes

If you want to add a little bit of extra glam for the holiday season, then false eyelashes are your friend. They are the best way to add superstar style to your look without going over the top, and can be seen on the red carpet being supported by celebrities from singers to actors, and from social media stars to Kim Kardashian. When you want to make your eyes really stand out in the crowd, then the fabulous sweetheart lashes from our 3D Mink Collection are the ideal accessories. Simply adding false eyelashes to your everyday makeup can transform your look. Follow these few simple tips from Lavaa Lashes to have unforgettable eyes tonight.

Get The Best Lash Possible

The secret to the glamorous styles of all the stars is having a great, good quality lash that will not let you down. Some stars have a true love for lashes, and look for cross sections of mink which are blended into their natural eyelashes. Others prefer double eyelash extensions that can be stacked, so that your lashes look really thick and heavy, while still keeping that natural age. At Lavaa Lashes, a lot of our range of lashes have stackable possibilities, so whether you want a simple single thick lash, or multiple heavy lashes, you can get the best fit when you look at our range. It is important to make sure that your lashes aren't too expensive, and if possible, that you can reuse them rather than having to throw them away. Reusable lashes mean that you can keep your look for longer, and if you have a favorite look you don't have to discard those lashes immediately.

Sweetheart Lashes

Get A Great Length

When you are opting for false eyelashes, it may be tempting to choose the longest possible, but we always recommend that you go for the right length of lash. Some of our full-length lashes are extremely popular, but it is important that you measure them against your eye before you use them. Make sure that the lash fits sweetly against the corners of your eye, particularly the interior where your lashes naturally start. If the lash doesn't fit correctly, it may be better to trim them so that they fit the natural curve of your eyelid. Don't be afraid to cut down a lash which is slightly too long to be natural.

Add A Glam Finish

When you use sweetheart lashes, you will have a much more glamorous look right out of the gate, but it is important to make sure that your falsies help your eyes to pop by glamorizing the whole of your eye area. Use eyeliner to cover over the area between the eyelash band and your natural lashes, and then combine the false and the natural lashes together using a light coat of mascara. If you want longer lashes than your natural eyelashes, then we recommend that you buy two sets of falsies, one of which is about the same length as your natural one and the other which is longer and finer. Combining the two can make your eyelashes really pop. Find out how to do this and other glamorous tricks by contacting Lavaa Lashes through our online message form today.

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