Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+
Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Get That Glam Look With Our Flirty Lashes

You want to look amazing when you wear false eyelashes, and you don't want to compromise over any aspect of the lashes. They must be sexy and glamorous, comfortable, and affordable and if you have any irritation, then you want them to be the best natural lashes available. If you have been searching for lashes to meet your demands, then the answer may be Lavaa Lashes’ Flirty lashes. Thick, gorgeous and much in demand, these lashes are here to give you a ferocious look whenever you go out. If you have never tried these before, then be prepared to put them on in front of a member and see yourself looking amazing.

Go Drastic With Our Flirty Style

Our lashes have been popularized by some of the biggest names in LA, and unsurprisingly, most of them go for our exclusive 3D Mink lashes. This is because they are fierce, and when you put them on you can look amazing, intense and forceful. Not only will you look great when you put the lashes on, but you can also draw in the attention of everyone else in the room. Whether you are going into a serious board meeting, or are hitting the tiles on a night out, you need to wear lashes that complement this team, and our fabulous lashes are there to meet your needs to a T. Simply look at the variety of lashes available to you, and you can get the perfect look without a glamorous range.

Why Pick Flirty?

If your mouse has been hovering over the different lashes, and you have been wondering which one will be best for you, then we will recommend to you our Flirty mink eyelashes. This is because they are the most sought-after variety, totally in demand for lovers of drama. Crisscrossed with both long and short hairs, the lashes are powerful and beautiful, and you can look simply amazing. If you want amazing lashes, then the Flirty is ideal. Women who have tried this lash say that they will never go back to other brands and that this model is already their favorite. We are better than any other brand, and Flirty is definitely one of our most popular choices due to their wispy but dramatic style. What else could you need in great looking lashes?

Try Our Much-Wanted Lashes Today

If you want to join celebrities in getting great false eyelashes made from real mink hair, then our Flirty lashes could be the perfect pair for you. Anyone who tries these lashes loves them, and they add great drama to your look without breaking the bank. Try these lashes out for size when you like, you can see for yourself how much an improvement they make to your eyes. They last for 30 uses, with care, so you should get a lot of value for your money. If you are interested in these lashes, then speak to our team today. You can contact us online to ask any questions or to place your first order.
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