Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+
Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Get Better Lashes When You Buy Falsies Today

Longer eyelashes have long been the desire of many women around the world. Long lashes seem to be a strong symbol of femininity and can give you an ideal look, but so many of us are not naturally blessed with long, luscious eyelashes. Instead, we sit by envying the women that have the long lashes and try to figure out how we can work with what we have. There is a solution out there for you that you may have overlooked – the use of false eyelashes. You can finally have the better eyelashes you have wanted for so long when you buy falsies today.

Looking for Natural Lashes

An important aspect to consider when you look at false eyelashes is that the lashes you buy will look natural with the lashes you already have. Many of the lashes that you find for sale today are made of cheap quality and will not blend nicely with your own natural lashes, making it obvious that you’re wearing false lashes. While some of these lashes may cost less, you will not get the benefit of getting the best, most natural look. Also, many of these lashes do not hold up well to regular wear, leaving you spending a  good amount of money on lashes that you could only wear once or twice.

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What to Look for in Lashes

Besides looking for falsies that are made from real hair like mink hair, there are other aspects you want to consider when you are shopping. Look for lashes that nicely compliment the shape of your eye and your natural features. You will find that there are different styles of lashes that are appropriate for different facial features but also for different looks you may want to attain with your eyes. You want something that will nicely highlight your features and your eyes and draw the proper attention.

Where to Shop

If you like to find falsies that are made from the highest quality to give you a luxurious look you want, come to us at Lavaa Lashes. We offer magnificent false lashes made from mink hair to give you the best look possible. We have an array of different lashes suitable for every occasion and offer great prices and free shipping options to enhance your savings. Look at the styles we have on our website and buy falsies today to get the better look you want. For any questions contact us at
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