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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Get a Stunning Look with the Best Cheap False Eyelashes

You want your eyes to be the center of attention when you walk into a room, and think that mascara is not enough to bring everyone's gaze towards you. Instead, you think that the time has come for you to start using fake eyelashes. They can send a powerful statement, and make you look amazing. You don't want any type of stick-ons, however. When you walk into that room, you want to be wearing the best cheap false eyelashes available, so that everyone out there knows that you mean serious business.

Get the attention you crave today

What type of eyelashes do you want? Some people go just for classic black. It’s long and spidery and powerful enough to knock every man in the room off his feet. Others decide that they want to show everyone that they are wearing false lashes - what are they going to do? -  and they opt for ones which are striking and designed to draw the attention of everyone. If you don't want to settle for second best, then you should be looking for fabulously crafted false lashes that won’t break the bank. A great example of this: Lavaa Lashes range of beautiful colored lashes that will make anyone wearing them feel like a celebrity.

Cheap False Eyelashes

Try our mink range

The fashion for mink false eyelashes has never been more advanced, with famous celebrities from Hollywood choosing to use these designs to display their own eyes to their best advantage. When the stars begin to use a particular make or model, and you can see how great they look in them, then it makes sense to try them for yourself. After all, these are some of the richest and most privileged women in the world, so if they are regularly wearing a particular type of false eyelash, it must be good. Not only that, but these eyelashes don't have to empty your bank account. While celebrities are buying mink eyelashes exclusively made for them, you can copy them with similar models from our Lavaa Lashes range, 3D mink. With these, you get beautiful lashes that will last, and you can even buy special tools to make them easier and more glamorous to wear. Try out our range today to see for yourself how fantastic they can be.

Get the celeb look

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Hollywood and LA women, then you need to snap up some of our sets of exclusive 3D mink lashes. We include a set which contains some of our favorite styles, including our Flirty, Troublemaker and Heartbreaker designs. When you are looking for the best cheap false eyelashes around, we can give you what you need with our mink eyelash choices. They come with a range of accessories to help you look as glamorous as possible. To find out more about how we can help you choose from our selection of mink eyelashes, please contact us through our online messaging form, and we will reply as quickly as we can.

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