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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Follow Jeffree Star's Style With Lashes Made From Pure Mink

One thing that every celeb follower can recognize about Jeffree Star is his lashes. Big, thick lashes, that often dominate his makeup and can sometimes be quite hard to apply if you are trying to copy his look. If you are determined that you want to copy at least some of his style, then you need to find big lashes that will make you look amazing and will serve as a background to eyeshadow and dramatic foundation. Lavaa Lashes offers you an amazing range of dramatic lashes that will complement any style.

Following The Makeup Look

It is no surprise that women want to follow Jeffree Star's make-up tutorials online. They are so famous on YouTube that they even have their own section, and some fan communities have followed them line by line to create amazing results. If you have been following his amazing tutorials, reviews, and recommendations for a while, and are now confident enough to try some of his styles for yourself, then you can give a better go at getting the right by wearing some of our fantastic range of eyelashes. Without that dramatic false lash, you will never get the look completely right, and some of our eyelashes will be perfect for matching his recommendations.

Find Lashes That Fit Jeffree’s Style

If you want to follow the tutorial recommendations as closely as possible, then you need to have a pair of false eyelashes that really stand out. You might have been put off false lashes in the past by fake synthetic models, but at Lavaa Lashes we only use the finest mink hair to create completely diversity of quality styles. The former musician produces a range of cosmetic products that require dramatic lashes to fully pull off the look of the brand, and so if you want to really get the benefit of his tutorials, then you need a pair of fake lashes that look as close to his as possible. Of course, the added benefit of our lashes is that they don't take an age to get on and off, and they are completely reusable, so if you like the look that they give your eyes, you can keep reusing it for as long as you like.

Keep Following Makeup Trends

There are a lot of changing trends in makeup, as with fashion, and you need to stay on top if you want to look amazing all the time. If you use false eyelashes, then you can add to the effect of your real lashes with mascara, and for followers of Jeffree Star, our lashes will help you to look great. For more information about the best lashes to use with his cosmetics and tutorials, or to place an order with us, you can contact us online now.
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