Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+
Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Find Beautiful False Eyelashes from Lavaa Lashes Today

You want to increase the power of your eyelashes by adding a few false lashes onto your existing bed, and you need a reliable supplier so that your look is always as fantastic as it can be. You know that you can't get the best look possible with cheap synthetic eyelashes, so you know that you need the best possible to produce beautiful, full lashes. If you are looking for quality set of natural falsies, then you should turn to Lavaa Lashes, a provider of high quality mink lashes that will always look great.

Finding the Best Fake Eyelashes

For most buyers, the best way to get eyelashes that look natural but still have added fullness is to buy artificial lashes which are made from natural hair. For example, the majority of buyers on our store will purchase mink eyelashes. These are less likely to irritate your eyes than synthetic eyelashes, and look much better than cheap plastic imitations. If you want to make sure that your eyelashes are cruelty free, then we recommend a brand such as Huda, who make extremely high quality synthetic lashes that look fantastically real without using animal hair.

Lavaa Lashes

Finding a Reliable Seller

You might think that you have found the perfect set of false eyelashes, but when you go back to the online store to order some more, the shop has gone. This is a common tragedy for people who buy eyelashes online, and you need to find a retailer who can sell you high quality eyelashes and has a good reputation as a long-standing trader. We have been established as a seller of mink and fake eyelashes across the world from our US base. We are here for good, so you can know that you can come back and find the same lashes that work so well for you the first time around.

Buy Our Beautiful Eyelashes

If you are looking for a seller of high quality false eyelashes in the US, then you can do no better than Lavaa Lashes. We have an exclusive range of mink eyelashes which can last for as much as 30 uses in some cases, and we also offer synthetic eyelashes which can be worn for as many as 15 times. As long as you are careful with them, you can use them several times over. For more information about the types of eyelashes that we sell, simply contact us today using our online email form.

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