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False Lashes Are Not Just for Women and These Celebrities Prove It

Nowadays, the lines separating conventional gender dynamics are constantly being tested. We are used to such narratives when it comes to women adopting all sorts of things that were previously strictly limited to men. However, transgression is also found in men and non-binary people who are adopting traditionally female fashion and accessories into their everyday wardrobe. There are many non-female celebrities out there using makeup and false lashes to express themselves (and make a statement along the way). Let’s go over a few prominent examples.

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Ezra Miller

If you have seen them in any red carpet, you know that young actor Ezra Miller loves to make an impression. Their looks, which are always aiming at blurring the lines that separate fashion by gender. Most recently, Ezra Miller dazzled the 2019 Met Gala with their unique take on the theme of camp. The look consisted of a pinstripe suit with a long bride-like train behind them and a bedazzled corset. The look was enhanced by their makeup, which featured several uncanny eyes drawn across their face. The crowning feature was their lush false eyelashes, which added on to the hypnotic and campy look Ezra was clearly going for. Even their more subtle red carpet looks tend to be complemented by false lashes that bring out their eyes, pushing the boundaries of non-female makeup and fashion.

Billy Porter

Billy Porter, who has recently made quite an impact with his performance as Pray Tell in FX’s Pose, has been entertaining people since the mid-nineties. However, it was only until relatively recently that he has started to get attention as the fashion icon he’s always been. His looks across the red carpets of the 2019 awards season, from his ballgown tuxedo he wore to the Oscars to his regally golden look at the Met Gala, flooded social media with praise and admiration for his bold fashion choices. Billy Porter has never been afraid to finish off his looks with the right makeup choices, which always features beautiful false eyelashes to bring out his entrancing look. If anyone can own a formal occasion, it is Billy Porter

Sam Smith

Oscar and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith is known, besides their talent, for constantly spreading messages of body positivity and self-expression, which involves embracing bold fashion choices. The singer, who had always worn natural makeup to red carpets and awards, has recently started heightening their looks with more colors and accessories. From high heels to glitter, Sam Smith has been dazzling everyone at public appearances with beautiful makeup looks that tend to feature lush pairs of false lashes, giving them a very refined and tasteful look that highlights their beautiful blue eyes. They are an example to follow when it comes to unexpected fashion choices.

False Lashes for Everyone

If you too are looking to expand upon your self-expression, false lashes are a great way to do so in a subtle yet meaningful way. Lavaa Lashes has a wide array of false lashes for everyone, offering all sorts of different looks and approaches to the medium. Be sure to browse through our website in order to find the right pair for you.

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