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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Experiment with the Latest Trends by Using Huda Eyelashes

Want to keep up with celebrities like the Kardashians, and look as great as some of the faces on Instagram? If you have been wondering how they managed to have such long and beautiful eyelashes, then the answer lies in a brand that creates dynamic and striking synthetic lashes for the celebrity market. The chance of buying Huda eyelashes in the US has been extremely low before now, since the lessons are done in Dubai. However, we are now able to offer you a fantastic array of beautiful looking eyelashes that will let you match the latest looks of the beautiful people.

A Passion for Lashes

Invented by a beauty blogger in her 30s, Huda Kattan, these lashes have been hot property since they were first launched in 2011. People were so desperate to buy them that they broke selling records for the area, and buyers still come from across the globe in order to purchase them in Dubai. Most of us can't afford to travel to that country whenever they need a brand-new pair of eyelashes, and this is why Lavaa Lashes has decided to bring these gorgeous synthetic lashes to our online store.

Huda Eyelashes

Getting a Natural Look

If you want to make sure that you get a great natural look with these lashes, then you need to follow the creator's tips for the perfect lash. She points out that many people make the mistake of putting their false lashes on at some distance from the natural lashes, so that there is a clear fake gap when you are wearing falsies. Huda says that you need to push the eyelashes further down into the natural bed, so that you end up with a more natural looking attachment that resembles more your own natural lash line.

Getting Great Looking Huda Falsies

You want to look the best when you wear fake eyelashes, and we recommend buying one of the many varieties of Huda eyelashes available from our online store. You can buy cruelty free eyelashes with that natural look but will also make you stand out from the crowd. You might use one of the ten different lash options available to you, or buy individual lashes to create a more natural and unique look. However you want to use them, find out how we can provide these lashes to you by sending us a message through our online form today.

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