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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Draw Attention to Your Eyes with Beautiful Stackable Lashes

We have all seen women in the movies, or on TV, and have been amazed by the thickness and coal of their lashes. Their eyes seem to draw you in, and you start to wonder if you have seen anyone in real life with such beautiful lashes. You are not sure why, but you feel drawn towards her and wished that you could have lashes as good as hers. The truth is that most of these celebrities wear fake lashes, and the majority of them are similar to our beautiful Stackable lashes to enhance their natural appearance of their eyes. You too can dramatize your lashes when you buy from our range of Lavaa Lashes false lashes.

Why Our Beautiful Stackable Lashes Are Different

Wearing false eyelashes that can be stacked means that you are able to place one of the sets of lashes above the other, giving your eye a much rounder look. There are few things that you can do which will change the appearance of the eye as much as when you wear these stackable options. If you are eager to look as eye-catching as a celebrity, then these are definitely the perfect lashes for you.

beautiful stackable lashes


Finding the Right Set

As with everything else, when you buy false lashes that can be stacked, you need to make sure that you are buying good quality. Buying ones that are made well, and don't contain synthetic or are natural lashes is important, as these may be irritating to the eye. Instead, look for lashes containing natural hair, typically mink hair, which will feel natural and will look great without causing irritation or rashes. You should also try to find a supplier that you can trust, so that you will be able to go back again and again to buy these perfect lashes.

Let Us Provide You with Beautiful Stackable Lashes

At Lavaa Lashes, we provide some of the best quality lashes available to the public, and we can offer you really beautiful Stackable lashes that will let you stand out from the crowd. The eyelashes will be beautiful, and will complement your own appearance, so that you get the glamorous, celebrity look that you have been waiting for. To find out more about how our stackable false lashes can help you, or to view our range of fabulous mink lashes, contact us online today or by email at

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