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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Celebrities Catching on to the Cardi B Lashes

False lashes have recently entered the scene as regular day wear, and not just because we’re trying to enhance our looks, but because we’re trying to enhance our lifestyles. Wearing false lashes is mainstream for the best reasons, one being because we love to love ourselves. We display this through our looks, and what we do to experiment with them. Celebrities are breaking into the scene with false lashes as well, even Cardi B is picking up on the falsie trend with her own Cardi B lashes. Just recently she was seen wearing Lavaa Lashes Mischief false lashes, and as per usual, she worked them.

Lavaa Lashes on the Small Screen  

Long eyelashes are glorified by anyone in the cosmetic world; they’re hot, they’re fun and they look great in pictures. Many actresses and reality personalities wear fake lashes to help their eyes stand out on screen. One of the issues, however, is if a product looks overdone and cheap on camera. This is why false lashes from Lavaa Lashes are a go-to choice to many. They stick well, they can blend in, and they last for long durations of time. The quality of the product reflects on those who wear them, just like Cardi B in Mischief.

Cardi B Lashes

Cardi B Lashes Can Be Worn Anytime, Anywhere

Any time is the best time to break out your Cardi B lashes. Going to work or going out, it doesn’t matter. Don’t hesitate to enhance your look and makeup. It’s fun for you and everyone around you. Some people may think false lashes can make them look “overdone”, but that’s a common misconception. When you want to work false lashes, you definitely can. No one will stop you from pulling cosmetic power moves. False lashes add to the way you present yourself, and without even trying you can look more confident, feminine, and strong in these lashes.

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Shop online at for more lash options. Lavaa Lashes are here to give you that badass, sexy, or mischievous look you’ve been searching for. Performing, posing, or general daily routine looks are put to shame with Lavaa Lashes, which is why you should begin wearing a style that matches your personality today. Are you a heartbreaker? Are you angelic? Or maybe you’re just feeling flirty. Show the world who you are with our Cardi B lashes that make a statement.

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