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Celebrate Mother's Day With The Gift Of Natural, Stylish Lashes

You want to give your mother a beautiful gift for Mother's Day, and also know that she doesn't want another box of chocolates or some flowers. If you have run out of ideas, and are looking for a hint online, then we would like to suggest that you gift your mother the beauty of our natural mink eyelashes. These lashes are not only there to be worn during evenings, but our range of simple and natural lashes are suitable for any time of day or night. If you want to give your mother a really special gift this season, then Lavaa Lashes is the way to go.

Mother's Day

Natural And Attractive Eyelashes

If you know that your mother wears false eyelashes regularly, then you may be relieved to hear that we can offer you lashes that look glamorous and sophisticated during the daytime. In fact, our Invisible range of eyelashes are the perfect gift for mothers who work, or who want to wear false eyelashes without being too obvious. If you want something gorgeous and interesting, that is perfect for daytime wear, then our Sophisticated lash is the best. Not only is it lightweight, but the criss-cross pattern is designed to blend in with natural lashes, and provides a great look without being too obvious. Your mother can wear these in the office or at home without anybody realizing that they are not completely natural.

Buy From Our Range Of Natural Mink Lashes

In addition to Sophisticated, your mother might also like our Classy variety. They are also lightweight and simple, with a gradually increasing length towards the outer corner which resembles your own natural eyelashes. They look completely natural, and will fit seamlessly over your mother's own eyelashes, creating a natural appearance that makes them suitable for everyday wear. Not only are they cut to suit the natural look of an eyelash, but these and others from our Invisible range are also perfect to wear all day. Being made from natural materials, mink hair, they are less likely to cause irritation, and they can be worn more than once, making them a great gift for the woman you love. You can buy a range of lashes, including our classic set chosen by Gina Kirschenheiter, which includes a natural looking lash and some more dramatic options.

Find Great Looking Lashes

If you want the best looking, simple and natural lashes around, then Lavaa Lashes is the place to come. You can find a range of lashes that will be suitable for a Mother's Day gift, Christmas presents, or a present at any other time. You can also view the range of collections that we have, including some chosen by famous women. We link up with celebrities to create great looking lashes, so you can order direct from us today and give your mother a fantastic gift that you will treasure. To find out more about our options, contact us online now.

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