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Cardi B Eyelashes and More

Everyone has different tastes in eyelashes. Some eyelashes are perfect for different looks and situations than others. There’s no hard and fast rule about what’s absolutely the best choice anywhere. But, that being said, some eyelashes definitely have benefits over other kinds of eyelashes. At our Lavaa Lashes site, you can find a wide variety of eyelashes. That way, you can find the right ones for you in every situation. In this blog, we’ll go over some famous women who have used our eyelashes to incredible effect.

Lavaa Lashes

Cardi B Eyelashes

We won’t lie: it’s great when a star wears our eyelashes. It’s incredible to see someone famous in videos and on stage wearing our products. It shows that our eyelashes are really getting out in the world, and it’s amazing to see them really connect to people. That being said, it’s just as great to see regular people wearing our eyelashes, too. Sure, we’re glad when big stars do, but we make our eyelashes cheap for anyone who wants to wear them, not just people with number one hits. Cardi B eyelashes are specifically our “Mischief” stackable lashes.  We feel that’s the strength of our eyelashes: they’ll look great on Cardi B, and they’ll good on you, too.


Mercedes Javid

Cardi B isn’t the only star to wear our lashes recently. Mercedes Javid, from the Bravo TV reality show “Shahs of Sunset” wore the full and glam Elegant lashes when she was on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” These lashes really popped when she was on the show, making for a very striking look. These are two very different performers in very different venues, and yet these lashes were able to work for them.

Lashes for Stage and Screen

The reason that Cardi B and Mercedes Javid chose these lashes is that they’re heavier and more dramatic. Perhaps they’re a bit too dramatic for a regular night out at the club, but they’re perfect for when you’re going to be on stage or in front of the camera. As they’re heavier, they’re more noticeable. People will be able to see them immediately and clearly. They make a very dramatic impression on screen, as opposed to fading into the background. In fact, that’s a major reason that these stars wear these eyelashes: they make a bold statement.


As we say on the site about these lashes, “the name speaks for itself.” The top two definitions of “mischief” are “conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance” and “a tendency or disposition to tease or vex.” That sums up what these eyelashes are all about: a playful tendency.  3D mink and stackable, these eyelashes can be reused for thirty wears. To reiterate: just because entertainment professionals wear them, that doesn’t mean they’re unaffordable. In fact, they’re only $29.99.

As we mentioned above, everything about these eyelashes is “heavy.” From the thick, dark mink hairs, to the length that gradually increases to the outer corner all the way from the inner corner. This is night glam personified: the very essence of drama. These add a strong definition. As you might imagine, these lashes are perfect for the cat-eye look. If you know you’re going to be in a lot of pictures where maybe the lighting isn’t going to be fantastic, then you may want to look at these eyelashes. We recommend that for the same reasons said above about the entertainment professionals: you’ll stand out.

Elegant eyelashes, by that same token, share a similar heaviness. It comes from the deep, black mink hairs. They can bring a similarly powerful level of glam to your look. They too increase in length, albeit in a criss-cross pattern. They do have a nigh-invisible, clear-band lash. Of course, since they’re one of our lashes, they also have a similar price so that anyone who wants to buy them can: $29.99. We believe that you shouldn’t be locked out of looking glamorous. That’s why we have eyelash solutions for everyone.

Like some of our other, heavier eyelashes, Elegant eyelashes open up different opportunities for different women. For example, these eyelashes are great for women who may have bigger eyelashes and are looking for eyelashes that can properly accentuate that. These eyelashes can cover those eyelids and be a top-notch fit. Their rich fullness can make eyeshadow stand out that much stronger. Of course, like the rest of our eyelashes, they’re easily applied.

These are just a couple of the eyelashes that we have available. These aren’t even the only glam eyelashes that we have available. If you take a look at our catalog, we trust that you’ll be able the eyelashes that make you look your very best. To find the lashes for you, head over to our site. Alternately, you could give send us an email.



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