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Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

Buy Mink Lashes Online for Added Length and Beauty

The world of eyelash fashion has been taken by storm by the rise of the mink lash. In the past, traditional eyelashes were made from a synthetic material that could irritate some women's skin, making their eyes red and itchy after they wore false eyelashes. This gave falsies a bad reputation as something that was uncomfortable to wear, a reputation that has only recently begun to change. If you have started to get back into wearing fake eyelashes, then you may decide that you want to buy mink lashes online to give them a try, and to experience what everybody else is talking about.

A growing trend

You may have first heard about mink eyelashes when reporters make sure that celebrities regularly wear them. It is mainly because of the interest from media stars that mink lashes have risen in popularity, and why they are now being demanded by women from all walks of life. There are several reasons why celebrity women have chosen to wear these lashes, in part because they are extremely comfortable, being made from all-natural materials that are less likely to cause rashes, and also because they can create fantastic glamorous lashes that cause a stir and make other people stare. If you are interested in making use of mink eyelashes, determined to follow in the footsteps of your favorite star, then you should try the vast range offered here at Lavaa Lashes. We are able to show you a whole range of different lashes, all made from mink hairs.

Buy Mink Lashes Online

Adding glamour to your life

While celebrities started the trend, it is ordinary working women who are really driving the trend onward. You don't have to be a big star to realize how fantastic these lashes are, being longer lasting and more durable than the traditional synthetic falsies. In fact, if you choose to buy a pair from us today, you could keep wearing it for around 30 uses, so you will expect to get your money's worth in use, and still be able to feel glamorous and comfortable when wearing them. We believe that our lashes are the perfect choice for any ambitious woman, whether she is hoping for a business deal or wanting to look good for a night out on the town.

Join the eyelash movement

You can choose to get more from your eyelashes by selecting from our range of specialist mink lashes. When you come into our store and buy mink lashes from our range, you could find the perfect match, from large lashes designed to be worn with an evening outfit, to more natural eyelashes that will blend in well with the working day. Whatever you want to do with our lashes, we can help you to get the perfect set today. If you have struggled to find the perfect fit before, then you can find the right lashes with us, today. Simply contact us online now to place an order for our beautiful natural lashes.

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