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Buy Eyelashes Online, Wear Them at your Wedding

You can buy eyelashes online from us that can be worn at essentially any kind of function. Plenty of our customers wear them at formal events, but plenty more wear them at fun events, too. You can wear them at anything in between, too. In our blogs, we like to highlight occasions where celebrities wear our eyelashes. We don’t do it necessarily to brag about how famous people are wearing our eyelashes (although that is great!) but rather because it shows off how many different kinds of people can wear them.

Celebs Buy Eyelashes Online from Us

Regular people buy eyelashes through our site all the time, but famous people do, too. We recently found out that Nazanin Mandi wore our eyelashes during a recent photo shoot. Not coincidentally, these lashes were called “Posh.” They were “Posh” to begin with, when she wore them, they become even more so. We’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate her on her wedding to Miguel! Their wedding photos were adorableness personified. The idea of “relationship goals” may be a bit cliché, but it’s hard to imagine wedding photos that looked more “in love” than those.

Eyelashes Online

Eyelashes that are Truly Posh

The definition of “posh” is something you can probably guess by context clues. However, the exact definition is: “sumptuously furnished or appointed; luxurious.” That’s exactly what these lashes are. This is one of our more popular clear-band eyelashes. Many times people do wear them at weddings and events that take place with the sun up, as these eyelashes are perfect for daytime. We have them listed on our site as “must have” for many reasons, not the least of which is because they organically look like your own lashes. That comes about not just because of the clear band but also because the mink hairs blend in with your own natural lashes as well.

“When You Focus on the Good, the Good Gets Better”

That’s the lead quote on Nazanin’s Instagram. We hadn’t heard that exact quote before, but it certainly fits with the eyelashes we have at our site. While we’re quite glad of our eyelashes, we’re always looking to make them a bit better. That’s why we’re always looking for more ways to offer our customers a better deal. So, if you check our site often, you’ll see that we tend to put our eyelashes into groupings that go together. For example the “3 Besties” includes some of our best eyelashes: Flirty, Troublemaker and Heartbreaker. With this deal, you can get all three of them at once for a discounted deal.

Eyelashes for Everyone’s Special Occasions

Celebrities turn to our eyelashes when they have the events that are most important. A wedding is one of the most important days of anyone’s life. Celebrities like Nazanin can have any eyelashes they want for the occasions that matter. it’s quite gratifying that they choose us. It’s important to note that this shows how our eyelashes can work for you, too. After all, if they’ll make a celebrity look their best on a big day, then they’ll make you look great on your biggest of days, too. Maybe you aren’t filming a reality show or marrying a famous singer (although, perhaps you are!) but you have big events coming up, too. You want to look your best for those, too. Our eyelashes are designed to make anyone look their very best when they need it.

Of course, it’s important to note that these “Posh” lashes don’t have to be worn during the day. they can be worn at night, too. In fact, some of our customers have told us about how great they look once the sun goes down. On our site, we received a great testimonial from Julie R that said: “these lashes look so good on me. I had no problems wearing them out at night (they) made my makeup look bomb.” Hearing that from someone like Julie means just as much as hearing that someone famous loved these lashes. Whoever you are, you always deserve to have lashes that make your makeup look “bomb” and then some.

We have many more styles of lashes at our site than just “Posh.” While that’s one of our more popular styles, we have many others available as well. Sometimes, our eyelashes sell out. When that happens, you’re going to want to check back to our site often, as we constantly update it when we get new products in. Even if the “Posh” eyelashes aren’t perfect for you, we absolutely have some kinds of eyelashes that will make you look very posh indeed. The best eyelashes for you, your wedding, or any other event that matters to you is just a few clicks away at our website.

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