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Bhad Bhabie on How She Keeps Her Lashes On Fleek

Following a now legendary appearance on Dr. Phil, Sixteen-year-old Danielle Bregoli has managed to become a music and internet personality in the span of just three years. As a successful rapper and YouTuber, Bregoli has established the stage name Bhad Bhabie and earned a loyal fan following across different platforms. When questioned about the amount of makeup she wore, Bhad Bhabie said she does not even use that much makeup, but instead puts in her effort into making sure her eyelashes look good and on fleek. In a video on her YouTube channel, she states that lashes are key to looking cute and that, given how time- consuming it is to style lashes, using false eyelashes is the way to go.


Bhad Bahbie’s Lashes Routine

Bhad Bhabie’s lashes never fail to look good. In order to achieve the look she’s been constantly praised for, Bregoli has stated that she uses five products in her lashes routine. The first ones: the eyelashes themselves. In order to achieve her desired look, she stacks two lashes on top of each other, which makes them look fuller. She then trims both ends with scissors to fit her desired base length and to make sure the eyelashes don’t wing out. Instead, she opts for a more straight look. 

Bhad Bhabie’s lashes

Having done this, she uses eyelash glue (dark one so that it blends in with the lashes themselves), which she carefully applies on the top part of the base, not the bottom. She also warns not to place the lashes too high up on the eyelid, making sure to place them actually lined up with the natural lash line. Bregoli places the eyelashes using tweezers for a more precise outcome. She says that while a lot of people will apply the lashes on top of the natural ones, she does it right below. She does so by sticking the lashes to lashes instead of to the skin in order to make sure that there is no gap between the real and the false ones.

Once she’s adjusted them with the tweezers and plumping them with an eyelash brush, making sure the final product looks good, not just up close, but from a reasonable distance (which she expresses is way more important). On a less technical note, Bhad Bhabie also suggests listening to music that calms you down throughout the process. That way you are relaxed and not overthinking the technicalities of it. She even recommends two Spotify playlists for you to listen next time you do your lashes: Badbabie and Bhadbabie Throwback.

Style Your Lashes Like Bhad Bhabie

When it comes to styling your false lashes, it all comes down to establishing a routine that makes you feel comfortable and confident. That is what Bhad Bhabie does through the routine outlined on her YouTube video on the subject and what you can do too with the help of Lavaa Lashes products. Our false eyelashes can give you all the glamour and beauty of styled lashes with the convenience and effort of the process described above. Browse through our wide variety of lashes and find the right fit for your personal style, just like Bhad Bhabie did.

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