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Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings Beauty Routine

Ari’s newest song and album have taken the world by storm. While not everyone can wow audiences like Queen of Cat, she has thankfully blessed us with her fantastic beauty routine.

It’s safe to say her makeup game is on point and her signature look is maybe the best thing Hollywood has to offer. The one thing that puts everything together for her? Natural false lashes. It may be a bit old, but it’s more relevant than ever now that the whole world knows her name. During her formative years, she filmed a video showing her fans how she does her makeup.

She stresses that having the lashes of your choice on first is pretty significant. She highlights applying both moisturizer and foundation, but it should be just enough to work. Using too much will get powder in her lashes, which is a pain to get out. She then tops off her look with a bit of mascara, careful not to get it on any other part of the lashes than the tips. The finishing routine also includes a bit of lip liner and eyeliner.

At about six years old, it’s not the ideal go-to for what Ari does right now, especially after teaming up with international makeup superstar Daniel Chinchilla. It does give us a bit more insight into how she manages to look so glamorous.

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Her newer cat eye routine

Since teaming up with Chinchilla, a whole new makeup style has been born. The most significant moment of this was the appearance of the all-powerful cat eye on the cover of Billboard Magazine. With this new look, Chinchilla stresses the importance of skincare and being able to get good quality products. For the former, he uses a thick moisturizer before using any makeup on Ari’s face to keep her skin hydrated.

For the latter, great artificial eyelashes online can be found on a variety of stores. However, 3d mink lashes mink lashes online, for instance, are a good choice. The second step is to use a foundation, which he prefers to do with a sponge and finishes it all off with translucent powder to keep it all in place.

Ariana points out she could be completely naked in nothing but her falsies and be completely fine. With a strong lip and bit of practice, you’ll get the cat eye down and, voila! The 7-Rings inspired makeup is done.

If you’re a fan of Ariana Grande, maybe it would help you to know we are, too! Her bold new look inspires a lot of our falsies here at Lavaa Lashes. We can’t wait to hear from you. Get in touch using the contact form or send us an email. It’s time to let your inner Ariana out!

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