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Applying Individual Eyelashes Takes Some Practice

Having long, beautiful, and luscious eyelashes is something that continues to be very popular in the world. You can open any magazine, turn on any red-carpet show, or look at pictures of models and actresses on the Internet and one common trait you will find are beautiful long eyelashes. Of course, not every person is naturally blessed with eyelashes like this, meaning more and more women are turning to the use of false eyelashes to get the look they want. There are options available to you when you buy false lashes, including getting individual lashes for your use. Applying individual eyelashes takes some practice so you can make sure you get it just right for the look you want.

The Purpose of Individual Lashes

The reason some women prefer to use individual lashes is that they can work each lash in with their existing natural lashes to get the look they want. Not all eyelashes you get as strips can mesh nicely with your original lashes, so the individual option does provide you with an alternative. You can use the lashes to fill in the gaps in your lashes and get lashes that are of the thickness and length that you want so that the lashes look natural when you apply them and do not look like you have fake lashes on. How to Apply Individual Eyelashes

Applying the Lashes

Applying individual lashes does take some patience and practice on your part, you can start by placing a dot of glue on the end of the lash and let it dry for a few seconds. You then grip the eyelash in your fingers and put it as close to your natural eyelash line as possible. You can then push down on the eyelash gently to be sure that it sets properly. It may take you a while to get the hang of the routine so that you can do it properly and get the look you want.

An Alternative to Individual Lashes

If using individual lashes and applying them sounds like it would be too tedious for you, you may want to get some of the great-looking eyelash strips they offer at Lavaa Lashes. They have fantastic lash options available that are easy to apply and give you the perfect look and accent for your eyes for any occasion. Take some time to look at the lashes they offer for sale so you can find a pair or two (or three!) that you like and place an order with them online at You can have lashes shipped right to you that you can wear, allowing you to have the long, luscious lashes everyone loves.
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