Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+
Free Shipping on all U.S. orders $50+

A High-Quality Option for Wholesale Eyelashes

No matter if you run a physical retail store or strictly an online beauty shop or business, offering the best products and materials is what is going to help you draw customers in your direction. If you have a wide selection of items, provide excellent customer service and have products that work well and last at the right prices, word will quickly get around that your store is the one to go to, helping your business grow in ways you had always dreamed about. With false eyelashes being such a substantial part of the beauty business today, it only makes sense that you would want to make sure you get quality from the best suppliers. Here at Lavaa Lashes, we offer you the high-quality options in wholesale eyelashes that can help you make your mark with your store.

Eyelashes That Have the Looks

So many of the eyelashes you will find available from other wholesalers may not provide your customers with the best and most realistic look. Many of the lashes found today are made using synthetic materials and do not give the wearer with the natural look to their lashes that they want. At Lavaa Lashes, you can choose from our wide selection of natural mink eyelashes. Our offerings can give you the diversity customers are seeking in lashes so that they can have and create their own looks, all while getting that natural feel to their lashes that make them comfortable to wear and realistic looking to all who see them.

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Quality, Long Lasting Lashes

The wholesale eyelashes we sell to retailers will also give your customers eyelashes that can last much longer than many of the other lashes you find for sale today. Our lashes are made with care and are made to last. With proper care putting on and taking off the lashes, your customers will find that our eyelashes will last for up to thirty wears or even longer. Giving them their money’s worth and more. You will pay much more for competitor’s high-priced lashes that will last not nearly as long as what you get from our selections.

Order Your Wholesale Lashes

To make sure you get the wholesale eyelashes for your retail store that give the customers just what they want and help establish your reputation as a trusted source for eyelashes, turn to us here at Lavaa Lashes for assistance. Check out our website so you can see the diverse options available for lashes that we offer. When you are ready to learn more about buying wholesale from us, just fill out the inquiry form found on our wholesale page, and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. We will be glad to discuss options with you so that you can learn more about our products, pricing, shipping, and more that we can do for you. Our eyelashes can be just what your store needs to bring more customers in your direction when they want high-quality.


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