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3D Lashes Everywhere

3D lashes pop in both real life and on screen. These eyelashes stand out wherever you wear them. They’ll look great in about every occasion and they’ll always look great on you. That being said, there are times and places where these eyelashes can make you look absolutely stunning. In this blog, we’ll go over some famous people that have worn our eyelashes. We’ll also show how they might be the perfect eyelashes for you, too.

Kate Chastain 3D Lashes

“Below Deck,” if you don’t know, is a reality show on Bravo about crew members who work and live on a giant yacht during charter season. It’s been on TV for a few years now and is still going strong. Kate Chastain, a Below Deck cast member, wore our 3D eyelashes on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen. Specifically, she wore our “Chic” eyelashes. She wore these eyelashes for a variety of reasons and they went perfectly with the rest of her look.

3D Lashes

Why Stars Wear these Lashes

The “Chic” lashes looked wispy and fun on Kate. For all the people who watched the episode, they popped right off of the screen, no matter how they watched it: on their TV, computer, phone, or other mobile device. Something to keep in mind: these same eyelashes would look wispy and fun on you, too. You don’t have to be on a Bravo TV show to take advantage of these eyelashes. That same wispy, fun and genuinely flirtatious look can come with you wherever you go. The club, the bar, or anywhere else: you can have that same fun style.

About Chic

“Chic” is literally defined as “attractive and fashionable; stylish.” That’s why when we made these lashes; we knew that had to be the name of these eyelashes. We built them out of a variety of long and short mink hairs, which makes the look that much more striking. You can be glamorous all day and all night in these lashes. You get a lot of use out of them, too: they can be worn for 25-30 wears. That way, you really get your money’s worth out of them. Of course, they don’t cost much, either. These lashes, like so many of the others we offer, are available for only $29.99.

Why Chic

We get a lot of great feedback on these lashes. They look like your real, actual lashes because of their clear band. So many of our users say that these lashes fit their eyes perfectly, so that you never have to go through any annoying, awkward cutting. They’re comfortable and dramatic, but many of our users select these lashes because they’re somewhat dramatic, not “all the way” dramatic. With their soft, organic feel, these wispy lashes are sexy and flirty, without being too much.

You may have seen our eyelashes being used by other stars, as well. Cardi B has worn our eyelashes, specifically the “Mischief” eyelashes. Like many other people who perform on stage or video quite a bit, she chose these more dramatic eyelashes. That’s because they really show on video, or when you’re on an elevated stage performing in front of so many people. That being said, you sure don’t have to be in either of those scenarios for these eyelashes to be right for you. These eyelashes may be worn by stars, but they’re right for basically anyone.

Mischief eyelashes in particular have established quite a following. While being dramatic, for many people, they come off as a bit light, too. You can wear them for special occasions, but you can wear them on a regular night out, too. They may make you feel like a whole new person, yet they can see like a wholly organic part of you. Of course, one of the more popular factors for these lashes as well as everything else we sell is that they’re very easy to put on. You never have to take time out of your day to put these on, as they’ll go smoothly. You don’t have to look unnatural to look glam. In fact, we’re quite fond of the comment someone left on our site: “these remind of me of butterflies, big and bold! BEAUTIFUL!” We couldn’t agree more.

Each of our eyelashes can make you look that much more beautiful. There are different styles of lashes for different styles of people. We have eyelashes for the big, early morning photo shoot. We also have eyelashes for the fun, flirty night out. Eyelashes for an intimate date can be found here, as well as eyelashes for just regular living. To see our completely catalog, just head to our Lavaa Lashes site. Another way to connect to us is to send us an email here.



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