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3 Besties 3D Eyelashes Return

We always listen to our customers. And, after hearing from you, we decided to bring the “3 Besties” 3D eyelashes back. Your besties are the people you count on to be with you, no matter what.  With that, they count on you to be by their side, too. Your besties bring out the best in you, and in turn, you do the same for them. That’s partially why we made these eyelashes the “besties” – they each complement each other perfectly. In this blog, we’ll go over the 3 Besties, as well as what makes them so special.

3D Eyelashes

Set of 3D Eyelashes

This set of eyelashes is one of our absolute best sellers. It includes “Flirty,” “Heartbreaker” and “Troublemaker.” These are exclusive mink eyelashes that you can only find at Lavaa Lashes. When you buy them in this set, you save money than if you were to buy them individually. These eyelashes go with each other. You could buy them each, one at a time, but that would cost much more. With these three eyelashes, you’ll be ready to look your best at absolutely any occasion.

What You’re Saying about 3 Besties

We have the best users. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know so many people that just look incredible in our eyelashes. Your comments about our eyelashes give us life, they really do. Some of the best comments about the 3 Besties include “the best trio since Destiny’s Child,” and “a lot of sexy in a little package.” Many of our users point out how this package gives you a great set of eyelashes for any kind of event. Indeed, one goes on to say “going on vacation with this trio is absolutely the best thing you can do.” On vacation, you’re liable to be at a wild party, at a formal event, and just want to look good during the day. These eyelashes can help you to do all of that.


One of the biggest benefits to Troublemaker is how it creates the illusion of a lash that’s naturally fuller. The length increases gradually from the inner corner to the outer corner. On top of that, it also blends in with your natural, regular lashes. That comes from the added criss cross pattern. Whether you buy these lashes as part of the 3 Besties or individually, they’re reusable. You can wear them up to 30 times. Stackable as well, it’s easy to make these lightweight lashes truly yours.


We consider these to be our most sought-after lashes. When we tell people about our lashes, this is the one we mention the most as a “must have.” In part, that’s because it suits all eye shapes. No matter what shape your eye is, these lashes will look incredible on it. To make these lashes, we interchangeably used long and short mink hairs. Obviously, “Flirty” is the right name for this lash. But, part of how we came up with the name is from the finish that they add to your look. It’s so flirtatious, any name other than “Flirty” would be inappropriate.


Full and glamorous. Really, that’s the best way to describe these eyelashes. We made them with full density mink hairs. Then, we placed those in V-shaped clusters. That’s a big part of what makes them so full and glamorous. This is one of our most desirable lashes by far. We recommend these for glam lovers, but really anyone who wants to look even a bit more glam can benefit from these. As it says on our site, these are for those “who want to take their lash game to the next level.” That’s exactly what these lashes do.

The comments below agree. These lashes are “perfect for a photoshoot or date night.” These are the lashes that you wear when you want to give your eyes a significant pop. With these lashes on, it draws anyone’s attention directly to your eyes. Perhaps the best way these eyelashes have ever been described is from the comment “these lashes are perfect size for everyday drama or for intimate performances.”

Like all of our other eyelashes, these three are easy to put on. You never have to worry about it being too difficult to put your eyelashes on, we make it so that putting eyelashes on is easier than ever. While this blog is about the 3 Besties, we have so many other eyelashes than that. Indeed, many of our customers start with the 3 Besties. Then, they see what really works for them and expand out into our other kinds of eyelashes. If you’re interested in seeing the entire collection of what Lavaa Lashes has to offer, check out our website. Another way that you can get in touch with us is by sending us an email.



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